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There’s a buzz around Florida Road. The opening of a new Art Gallery in the City is a major event for Durban’s cultural landscape and it’s all happening on Wednesday.  The well loved and respected Tamasa Gallery has moved. If you have been around the area recently you will have been aware of the work that has taken place on what was previously an elegant old homestead which was beginning to show its age but still retained its grace and elegance. When it came on the market  Interior Designer Mario Rodrigues jumped at the chance to fulfil his dream of designing a contemporary gallery space. He and a business partner purchased the property and in January of this year work began.  


The result is a magnificent building. It  references the “White Cube” tradition of modern gallery spaces but, unlike the classic white cube designed to shut out the world and the light this one does the opposite.  It is bathed in light and sunshine with a vista into the street and the lush Durban foliage. The early typical Durban architectural features such as the high ceilings, stained glass panels, verandah columns and wooden floors are all retained and  honoured in the design.


It is appropriate that the opening exhibition should have the theme of “Yellow”.  The colour has many connotations but some of the strongest include Spring, sunshine, energy and freshness.  Tamasa Gallerist Maria’s inspired choice of theme has been well considered by the 29 artists who are showing in this exhibition.  Each has interpreted it in different ways. Cameron Platter’s bright black and yellow graphic marks are bold, and energetic whilst artists such as Ingrid Adams, Lisa King and Marianne Meijer use the colour sparingly almost like punctuation marks.


Many of the artists on the “Yellow” exhibition have been connected with Tamasa from its early days – these include Bronwen Findlay, Hendrik Stroebel, Andrew Verster, Anthony Starkey and Pascale Chandler whose work is included among newer artists. 


This exhibition marks the closing of a circle for Maria Soares  who started her curating career in 1985 as a young assistant at the original Elizabeth Gordon Gallery in Florida Road which was established by Liz Meth and Gordon Lowing.  When the business changed hands she and the late Tony Stephen established Tamasa Gallery in Overport where they built a solid reputation. Her move back to Florida Road in this remarkable new space will undoubtedly be a highlight of Durban’s cultural landscape.


“Yellow”is a highlight of the year and heralds the new decade of 2020 on a high note.  A must see.


Opens Thursday  24 October 

Closes 11 November 

Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri  8.30-4.30: Sat: 9-1  

Address: 740 Currie Rd (Just off Florida Rd)

Photograph by Paulo Menezes

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